Cinecopter II: high quality structural components


Cinecopter II is the first drone signed Liquidmedia, made by engineers of the Flying Eye that - thanks to the great experience of the French company- has been equipped with redundant electronic brains made by MikroKopter and built on the Freefly's Cinestar carbon frame with MOVI stabilizer, the first in Italy to use double parachute and cut off system which terminates the flight. Each technical equipment was chosen to guarantee customers the highest standards of quality and reliability. Aboard Liquidmedia UAV is mounted a high definition camera that sends images to the ground digitally FullHD in real time through a unique transmitter developed in Italy by the engineers of Smilink.


Redundancy and security standards

Flight control MikroKopter in redundant setup of the flight electronics as well motors, GPS and accumulators provide a powerful, flexible and above all safe drone-flying standards. UAV equipped with 2 pyrotechnic parachutes and a cut-off power button with own dedicated frequency. Unique GPS flight assistance for manual or fully autonomous flying.


Live broadcasting

Live video transmission in real-time fullHD up to 60fps (encryption is possible) nearly zero latency made by Smilink. Real-time monitoring to all ground stations.


Position hold

With GPS, barometric sensor, 3-axis angular rate, acceleration and geomagnetic sensors the UAV keeps the exact location and altitude, precision doubled thanks to the second GPS system redundancy.


No Panic! Autolanding / Failsafe / Coming home functions!

The function ensures the autonomous back home, if something goes wrong with the pilot! The wide variety of sensors allows a fully automatic landing and prevented in case of error an uncontrolled crash. The UAV flies itself, simply take the hands off the controller and the drone holds the current position and location.


Flight time

The flight time is 10min to 20min per battery set depending on equipment and payload.



3-axis MOVI M5 provide incredible camera stability, no post editing needed!



The UAV is covered with the highest RC insurance standards



Solar powered van recharges the UAV and make it a completely green powered system


Scarica la scheda tecnica dei droni (3.6 MB)

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